Carpenter Park

Acquired in 1921, this lovely park has 434 acres, lined on one side by the shores of the Sangamon River, and a golf course and residential neighborhood on the other. It is located in the north side of town, west of Business Route 55 (Peoria Road). Carpenter Park is largely a wooded area near the Sangamon River. Vehicular access is from Peoria Road. A winding park road leads to a clearing with a parking lot, historic stone shelter, a picnic area and a map. This area serves visitors to the park and it provides basic trail head facilities for the trail system within the park. The park is primarily used for hiking and nature observation. Friends of Sangamon Valley, the Sierra Club and other groups conduct work days at the park to plant native species and control invasive plants. Part of the park is an Illinois Nature Preserve with management guidelines established by the IL Nature Preserves Commission.

1 Carpenter Park Springfield, Illinois 62707